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Does it make you suffer? Did you watch him writhe in pain?
It's much too frightening that we're so much alike.
My arms have blistered from the exposure to the sun.
Take off my skin and feel me underneath, I'm burning up.
I see my name pressed in obituaries. I am a tributary slowly eroding.
The water, it shows who I am underneath the skin I shed,
and deposits me into the sea.
So use your inside voices and keep your hands to yourself
and remember, never ever talk to strangers
Never let your guard down, because we know what they're after.
We know what you're after.
Every single piece of my skin strips away
in a body of water that orchestrates my fate,
when it's for the people and by the people, don't ever tell the people,
you just look them in the eye and say "I will continue living every day."
And as I swim upstream, the water, it shows who I am underneath
the skin I shed, and deposits me into the sea.
I made a sculpture carved into stone
Likened the sculpture unto my own
Feature by feature pressed into bone
I am the sculpture, and I i'm not alone.
No, I'm not alone.
The acrimony, the unclean and the uninformed will tell you what you know, what you don't
what you have and what you won't.
So tell me, what's the point of holding on when you know they're letting go on the other end?
That rope will slip right through your hands and fall into an endless pit,
but you're still not letting go. No you're still not letting go, you still cling fast to hope.
Does their promise of tomorrow still hold true to your own?


from Acoustic EP, track released October 1, 2011
Additional vocals provided by Josaleigh Pollet



all rights reserved


Twinplus Salt Lake City, Utah

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